The protective blood of Jesus Christ covers this page, images, website and those who will view it, we bind up every demon who would try to transfer from these images in any way and command you to go wherever Jesus sends you. We bind every demon who would blind the reader's mind to the truth and from reading and comprehending this information in Jesus name, as well as any demon who would keep this information from being shared and distributed and from becoming common knowledge.
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Latest Spiritual Warfare Prayers to Pray for the World (Check back for updates).
Pray these prayers daily for current events and topics.

Threats of War in North Korea
Lord, according to your will, I pray that you will remit all the sins of every evil deed that is powering evil spirits in North Korea, China, Russia, and Iran, of the residents, the land, and everyone who has ever lived there back to Adam and Eve. I loose sufficient angels to rapidly and continually bind every evil spirit power in North Korea, Iran, Russia, and China. Also, to cut all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm around the leaders of these countries, and to also block all lines of reinforcements, and all traveling routes in, around and through them and their property. I loose spirits of blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, civil war, judgment, burning, and destruction on them. In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I command all evil spirits in North Korea to attack the evil spirits in Iran, and the evil spirits in Russia to attack in evil spirits in China in Jesus' name. Lord, I pray that you will fill the people and especially the leaders in these countries with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the spirit, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen.

Protecting President Trump and the United States
Lord, according to your will, please remit all sins of President Trump, his family, his cabinet, all leaders of the United States, including the House of Representatives, the Senate, the judicial branch, and the Pentagon, and those around them, and all sins in their environments, back to Adam and Even.
I loose sufficient angels to rapidly, continuously clean up every Satanic witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in and around them. Also, to cut all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm around them, and to also block all lines of reinforcements, and all traveling routes in, around and through them and their property. Also, I loose your giant sperm whales to attack every spirit of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, mind occult and all other occult and mind control spirits in and around them now in Jesus' name. Additionaly, I loose sufficient amounts of spirits of blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, civil war, judgement, burning, and destruction to completely destroy every evil spirit power attacking them now.
I loose spirits of power, love, sound mind, faith truth, knowledge, wisdom, humility, peace, and joy, into them and their locations and I pray that you will fill them all with the Holy Spirit. I pray that the Holy Spirit will take total control of their mind, will, emotions, thoughts, words, and deeds. I pray that you will seal them and every living entity around them with the armor of God and the blood of Jesus so that no evil spirits can attack them. I pray that you will cover them and their environments with the blood of Jesus. I loose angels to bind every evil spirit power trying to attack them now in Jesus' name. I loose sufficient angels to go inside the aformentioned and cut and pull every evil spirit out of them continuously now. I do not know the appropriate heavenly creature to attack the evil spirits in each of them, but you do Lord, and I loose whatever part of your heavenly army will route the enemy and completely destroy the enemy in the mind, will, emotions, body, soul, and spirit of the people mentioned above.
In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I break the power of every evil ritual, spell, curse, hex, vex, incantation, chant, and psychic prayer sent to the afformentioned and return them to the senders seven times seventy fold and bind it to them with the blood of Jesus Christ. Lord, please soverignly cut all ungodly soul ties between the aformentioned and evil people, entities, locations and all other things that bind them to darkness. I loose angels to remove every evil thing placed in their mind, will, emotions, body, soul and spirit by all enemies, and ask that all of the things that have been stolen from them be returned now. I ask that you will heal all damage done to them in the spirit realm by Satan and the dark kingdom, and bring them into perfect harmony, accord, and unity of spirit and knit them together so that your will may be done. Lord, we ask that you will remit all sins comitted in the United States of America in the land and by the inhabitants, back to Adam and Eve, we are very sorry for them. Please blanket our country with your protections and blessings, the blood of Jesus, and mighty warrior angels. In Jesus' mighty name I pray. Amen.

Chemtrails are Satanic Demonic Witchcraft,
Exposing the Satanic Cult that Runs the World
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Part 7 The Hum
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Part 8 How to Defeat the Chemtrails
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Part 11.1 Going On the Offensive
Part 11.2 Web Cams - California - World
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Part 13 Demonic Stargate Portals
Part 14 Vectors of Demonic Attack
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Part 16.1 The Occult Heart Attack
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The goal of this website is to communicate several important truths
1) Chemtrails are demonic.
2) The clouds they spray are also demonic.
3) The hum, heard worldwide, is demonic.
4) They are all related and interconnected.
5) They are part of a Satanic operation to control and ultimately destroy you.
6) Whether you believe this information or not, you and the people you love are currently and will be affected by it.
7) Prayer and song to Jesus Christ can completely stop them.
8) Will you be the one to stand in the gap in your area?

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident."
- Arthur Schopenhauer


Chemtrails are demons and can be defeated through prayer to Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ gave us the keys to the Kingdom and told us that what we bind on earth is bound in heaven, and what we loose on earth is loosed in heaven [1] . Praying against the demonic planes using spiritual warfare prayers, binding demons and loosing angels to attack as Christ instructed, causes them to lose the ability to maintain their tail (the long "chemtrail" spray billowing out behind the planes) as they fly. This truth has now been proven by different people on multiple occasions. You can prove it as well, this website will teach you how.

"And the seventy returned again with joy, saying, Lord, even the devils are subject unto us through thy name."
Luke 10:17


The image above is an example of successful spiritual warfare prayers and song against the demonic planes. These are the results that you can expect in the majority of cases. Our primary goal is achieved, to stop the demonic chemtrail "spray" completely. This has the effect of eliminating the demonic clouds from taking up residence in the sky. The weakened short-tail form of the demonic plane flies off in many cases, its mission unsuccessful. Sometimes they disappear completely.
"A more accurate name for the chemtrails would be demon trails, or demonic trails."   
There is a demonic component to the chemtrails. This is due to the fact that the spray and resulting clouds respond to binding and loosing prayers to Jesus Christ. The results of aggressive prayer are a clean and clear sky, the way things used to be about twenty years ago. It is possible that the plane illusion may be created by "Project Blue Beam," involving holograms.
Those responsible need an explanation to the average person as to why the spray appears. The plane illusion settles it in most people's minds, convincing them that these are normal planes. They go back to daily life, not knowing what is really going on. Younger generations may not even remember the beautiful blue sky that people enjoyed before these things started spraying the sky over a decade ago.
Why we pray without ceasing

"If every Christian would use their spiritual weapons, the keys of the Kingdom, to pray shorthand prayers without ceasing to bind the demons and loose God's angels to attack, the chemtrails would not be the problem they are today."
"The real enemy on earth is, and always has been, Satan, his demons, and the humans who allow themselves to be possessed by them. For a little power and wealth at the expense of much suffering and pain for the rest of humanity, they do their best to keep this knowledge hidden from the masses, taking as many people to hell with them as possible."  

Important things you need to know about Chemtrails (or, demons).
1) The chemtrail phenomenon is a Satanic operation. The chemtrails are not natural planes. A huge, shadowy network of covens and Satanic groups exists in this world. They are responsible for these actions. Humans in the dark kingdom take their orders from Satan and his demons.
2) Chemtrails are a type of demonic delivery system. The occult world is working hard every day to drop demons overhead in the form of demonic clouds. These entities are are summoned and sent by Satanists. They are not real planes, but likely some form of occult technology, delivering their payload of demons to your area in an attempt for complete takeover by the dark kingdom. The spray and resulting white clouds they emit are not natural condensation or a form of geo-engineering. They are demonic. Their goal is to get the demons into your body in order to control you.
3) The so called planes are, in reality, delivering demons. Some chemtrail planes have a huge amount of demons to transport and drop over our heads. The longer the tail of the chemtrail, the more demons are being distributed over our world. The demonic spray can be defeated through persistence in prayer as they fly across the sky if we learn shorthand prayers and how to pray without ceasing.
4) The spray and trails they lay down are demonic spirits that seem to gain power and energy from the sun.
5) Jesus Christ told us exactly how to deal with this through binding and loosing. You must bind the strongman, and then spoil his house. Fear not, "for the LORD made me have dominion over the mighty."


Learn More About End Times Mind Control from Win Worley:

How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies

How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies as Staging Points to Attack You and Your Family

1. Witchcraft spirits exist in the air (Satan is the prince of the power of the air). Sometimes you know that these spirits are overhead due to the presence of the demonic clouds, but they may still be in your area even if there are no witchcraft clouds overhead (see section on how to identify witchcraft clouds).

2. When the witchcraft spirits are overhead, they can drop down into the people, animals, insects, and any living creature available to them. There is no limit to the creatures that can be used, down to the tiniest bug, but they need a living body to enter that acts as a host.

Christians can unwittingly be used as vehicles for these entities if they forgot to cover themselves in the Blood of Jesus and put on the full armor of God that day. Few are doing this, so that means Satan can use just about every living being on this planet as staging points for these spirits. Satan has designed so many curses into our daily lives that even Christians become cursed by daily living (ie., being in the presence of cursed marks and portals.)

To compound the problem, even dedicated Christians have Satan’s marks and portals in their life due to them being virtually everywhere, in technology, your environment, your car, your house, and all around. The presence of these markes places you under a curse and opens the door to these entities. These are the marks of the beast. You can be living a clean, sin free life and still be cursed because you have cursed items in your life.

3. Once installed in a living creature, which act as a host, witchcraft spirits can then launch their attacks on you and your family once they get near you.

One scenario might be that Satan, or by proxy, a witch or warlock, may install witchcraft spirits in a cat, and then send the cat to your property. Perhaps he uses crows, or crickets, or mosquitos, or flies. It really does not matter what kind of animal it is, if the animal is present, then they are candidates to launch attacks on you from.

So, if Satan and the dark kingdom wants to attack you, and he knows you will be at a specific place at a specific time, and he knows who will be at that place while you will be there, then his strategy is to fill up the people who will be there, along with the entities who will be there, with demonic spirits before you arrive.

For example, if he wanted to attack you at church, Satan may fill up the other people with demons, and then during church, they may launch their attack on you from the individuals around you. These people may be completely clueless of the presence of the entities that they carry inside them. The evil spirits need a staging point, and human bodies, animals, and even insects are like Trojan horses. The people and animals used in this attack are likely completely unaware and innocent, but they are being used as a kind of satanic troop carrier to stage attacks from. In this example, the red demon is not representative of the number of witchcraft spirits that may be sent. It is likely there are far more than just one or two if you are coming under attack.

The defense against this kind of attack is praying without ceasing in shorthand: Remit, Clean, Cut, Seal, Whales, Attack.
(Pray this quickly, multiple times, repeating throughout the day and especially when under attack. After a while, it will become second nature to you.)

Here is the long form of this prayer, and then the shorthand components:

Lord Jesus, please remit all of my sins and every sin committed in and around this property (name a specific location(s)) by the occupants, anyone who has ever been here, people who will be arriving here, and the people in the adjacent areas, back to Adam and Eve, including the air above, the ground beneath, and all around, and every living entity that may be used by Satan, in Jesus name. These people (and myself) will now be referred to as "Residents."
(Shorthand - Remit)

I loose angels to clean every satanic, witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in and around my environment and the (location and people you are praying about) in Jesus' name.
(Shorthand - Clean)

I loose angels to cut every line of communication in the evil spirit realm, to block all lines of reinforcement and the traveling routes of the enemy here, covering them with a strong hedge, a wall of fire, and the blood of Jesus.
(Shorthand - Cut)

I now ask that you would place the full armor of God on all Residents, and cover them, body, soul, and spirit, this property, and even the very air, with the blood of Jesus. Fill the Residents with the Holy Spirit and the fruits of the Spirit and seal off every entrance and exit of the enemy. Do not allow the Residents to be used as an access point for the Enemy. Lord, place a shield of your wall of fire, a strong hedge of thorns, and ministering, warring, and guardian angels around the Residents to insulate and protect them from all attacks of the enemy on every side.
(Shorthand - Seal)

I loose legions of angels to attack every evil entity and spirit at work here, in the sky, in and around the sun, and my environment, including Jezebel. I loose spirits of judgment, burning, destruction, blindness, deafness and dumbness, confusion and civil war on them. I loose your sperm whales to attack all spirits of witchcraft, witchcraft control, mind control, and mind occult. The Lord Jesus Christ rebuke you. (Shorthand - Whales, Attack)

Pray without Ceasing Using Shorthand Prayers Throughout the Day and Especially in Busy Areas.


How Witchcraft Spirits Use Portals in your Environment to Attack You

Satan is referred to as the "Great Architect." This is why you see the G for Masons, and this is what the G for Google really is about. Satan has created a situation where he can at almost any time launch a serious attack on anyone of his choosing due to the flood of occult material in our environment. Car logos, street signs, graphiti, clothing tags, when you start to realize just how evil our world is, it is shocking. Here are the main problems:

1) Satan tries to get as many people under God's curse as possible. Satan does not play fair. He uses your spiritual ignorance to his advantage. He has weaponized the spiritual rules God has created to try to take over the world. Satan knows the spiritual rules which bring about a curse on a person and environment. Legally speaking, Satan has a right to attack anyone with these occult logos and marks. If you have a cursed object or mark in your environment, you are cursed. Satan knows this and exploits it. So the first problem is, how do we deal with this curse?

2) Many people are filled with demonic spirits, and they are waiting for the right moment to attack you. So many people are infected with witchcraft mind control spirits in the modern world due to the music and entertainment that they are walking around cursed. Satan can then easily fill them with witchcraft spirits. They are like hybrid cars, partly operating on gas (their true selves) and partly on electric (their demonic mind control spirits). Then, if you are a Christian target in a busy area, he can easily launch those witchcraft spirits in the people to attack you from (see the diagram How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies as Staging Points to Attack You and Your Family).

3) Much of the food we eat is cursed and has demonic components. So if we are not sinning, and don't have evil marks, the food we eat may bring us under a curse. Satan has really covered as many bases as possible to try to completely get the entire world cursed. It is almost impossible to go into any store and not encounter literally hundreds of occult logos and marks.

4) Nearly all of the entertainment today is satanic and will bring you under a curse. Are you watching "innocent" movies like Disney's Frozen or Harry Potter? You and everyone in your family are now under a curse until you renounce this and pray for God to remove the soul tie that you formed with this entertainment. (See page on soul ties). This is because anyone who engages in anything to do with magic or the occult is cursed. Satan entraps us by making these movies cute and appealing. Do you see how crafty Satan is, and what a wide net he casts to try to curse as many people as possible?

So what do we do if we are driving down the freeway, or in a grocery store, and come under attack? Many people are coming under attack and don't even know it.

We have to solve several spiritual problems.

1) How can we rapidly deal with the curse that we, those around us, and the environment is under?
We are walking amongst a sea of people who are likely not Christian. What can we do? We rely on what Christ did for us. He said, whosoevers sins you remit are remitted unto them. This is a huge tool we can employ to counter Satan's attempt to hijack the system. If we ask for all the sins to be forgiven for everyone in the area, the air above, the ground beneath, and all around, everyone here, everyone who has ever been here, and everyone in the adjacent areas back to Adam and Eve, that covers it. That sounds like a lot of forgiveness, do we have that power? The answer is yes, for this purpose we do have that power and God has likely made that provision just for this purpose.

2) How do we deal with the all the satanic and witchcraft marks that put us under a curse?
We loose God's angels to cover every Satanic witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in the area with the Blood of Jesus in the spirit realm. Does this last forever? No, we need to pray daily, but it will last long enough for us to get through the area we are in.

3) How do we stop Satan from using the living entities in our environment as staging points to attack us from?
(See the diagram How Witchcraft Spirits Use Living Bodies as Staging Points to Attack You and Your Family). Satan can and does use almost any living entity with a body to fill up with demonic spirits (humans, birds (crows), dogs, cats, crickets, spiders, flies etc). We can stop this by asking the Lord to fill them with the Holy Spirit, the Fruits of the Spirit, put the full armor of God on them, and cover them with the Blood of Jesus and seal every point of exit and entry on them. This will completely stop Satan's strategy of using living entities as staging points to attack us from. His plan is to use every living entity as a launching pad to attack certain targets (Christians who have not been forcibly turned over to his way of thinking yet).

It's important to understand that there are very, very wicked things afoot. We are very close to the point of no return. If Satan cannot tempt you to turn to his way of thinking through the lust of the flesh, then he will use mind control to try to get you to fall, or become physically sick.
4) How can we stop the spirits from communicating, getting reinforcements, and from traveling in, through, and around our area?
We loose God's angels and ask for all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm to be cut, for all lines of reinforcements to be blocks, and for all travelling routes in, through, and around our location to be blocked with a strong hedge, a wall of fire, and ministering, warring and guardian angels in the spirit realm.
5) How can we deal with the specific witchcraft spirits that are in our environment before we started to deal with steps 1-3?
These witchcraft spirits are specialized. We need to deal with them in order to have success. So this is another issue. Through deliverance, we have learned from Win Worley that God has created a hierarchy in the spirit world that is much like our natural world. The witchcraft spirits of control, mind control, thought control, mind occult are like an octopus with giant tentacles. These servants of the Lord learned through experience that if you loose giant sperm whales of the Lord, they will make quick work of these octopus like witchcraft spirits. This is the way to victory over witchcraft! Those who put this to the test will be met with great success. We also loose God's angels and other heavenly creatures to attack as well.

So the resulting prayer is simplified into several parts: Remitting the sins, cleaning the marks and portals, sealing the living entities that have become "troop carriers" for Satan, and then loosing God's giant sperm whales to attack the octopus like witchcraft spirits. This can be reduced to the shorthand: Remit, Clean, Cut, Seal, Whales, Attack. To some, this may sound fantastic. To those who have battled the chemtrails, it will not.

If we were to see into the spirit realm while rapidly praying this shorthand as we drive down the freeway, or walk through a busy mall, the results would be staggering. God's angels are busy working very hard to keep us safe from harm. They are rapidly binding, cleaning, attacking, and protecting us as we make our way through this wicked world. The only catch, like salvation, we have to ask for it. We have to know to call them, and then we have to ask for the right kind of help. We do not want to bring a hammer to bake a cake, or a spatula to fix a car. So we need to understand the spirit world, that it exists, how things work, and how God has set up the spiritual rules in order for us to be successful.

Man was created for dominion over darkness
In the book of Genesis, God created man and gave him dominion over all the works of his hands. Through Jesus' sacrifice, he gave us the keys of the kingdom. God gave us these keys for a reason, we are to be his delegated authority here on earth until his return. We are to take authority over the darkness in this world. The problem is, Satan has laid such a snare for humanity that it is nearly impossible to get out. Without the Lord, there would be no hope. Man cannot overcome the spiritual powers of darkness without God's heavenly armies to fight our battles in the spirit realm.

All problems in the world are fueled by Satan
We need to realize that anywhere there is strife, division, natural disasters, Satan and the dark kingdom are at work. Surely you can't mean that every little problem is created by Satan? The answer to that question is, yes, every last problem is created by Satan (and our willingness to follow him instead of God through our poor choices).

That means that all natural disasters are fueled by Satan and the dark kingdom (witchcraft, witches, warlocks and the occult). That means that as Christians, because we were given dominion, we are called to exercise our authority over the evil in this world. We can only do this through prayer and calling down fire from heaven to destroy the wicked powers of darkness.

What happens when Christians fail to pray, or fail to pray correctly? If we do not pray using the keys of the kingdom (binding and loosing), there is no hope for us on earth. The only keys Christ gave us were the keys of the kingdom, and if we are not using them, then there will be no deliverance from evil powers.


Satan weaponizes God's spirtual laws.

Satan knows God's laws in the spirit realm and he knows what will get us entangled in a snare so that we cannot get up again. Satan weaves a web of lies and decption.

Satan weaponizes the curse.

Satan has attempted to get everyone cursed, he deieves the whole world. He wants the entire world to fall into sin.

This is why we have genetically modified food. We are all coming under the curse, even the best, most upright Chrisitan who is living a clean life for the Lord.

Satan has made it so that it is nearly impossible for us to not be contaminated with something that will bring a curse on us.

Satan weaponizes soul ties.

Satan weaponizes sin.

Look at the Jews in the Old Testament. There was a reason sin was dealt with so harsly, if they did not, a great curse came upon the people. Satan exploits this. You may live in a remote area away from the world. You may have a Godly area that is blessed by the Lord through much prayer and living for

the Lord. Satan would like to bring some wordly people who are full of demons to be your next door neighbor so you will be cursed by them. This is the whole reason for illegal immegration and bringing people of "diverse" cultures into predominantly Christian countries. It is to soul tie them to evil and then bring them down.

Satan forces his mark in your life.
The witches and warlocks who serve him have placed their magic all over the modern world, it is inescapable.

Until Jesus returns, there will always be those that follow the serpent (the tares), and those that follow the Lord (the wheat). The reason that Satan and the fallen angels have no shot at redemption is because they knew the goodness of God and that they were created by him and still chose to rebel. Humans have a chance at redemption in part due to the fact that Satan decieved us. Adam and Eve sinned, but it was partially influenced through deception.

Today, we have a choice. Will we serve the Lord on the path that leads to eternal life? Or will we follow the serpent on the wide path to his destruction?


Witches and the occult stir up the hurricanes. They use the sin in the area, they do rituals an incantations, they send the evil spirits to create damage. Anyone who is a willful witch or warlock is a servant of Satan and is forced to do his will. There is no more freedom in being a witch or a warlock, though Satan would decieve you into thinking so. You are a servant of the liar, the deciver, and in the end he will turn and take you with him to destruction.

Rain (lack of, and too much)
California is a prime example where there was no rain for the almost the last decade. Sometime, clouds would roll overhead, but no rain would fall. Why is this? Just like the case of the Hurricane, Satan and the dark kingdom do not want the rain to fall. They do not want new life to grow and things to be refreshed and the dirt washed away. They thrive on dirt and filth, so it is to their advantage that the rain does not fall. It is likely that the same kinds of rituals and practices that they use to create a hurricane are being used to keep the rain from falling. We must apply the same spiritual solutions. When praying for rain, and the clouds are overhead but no rain is falling, pray the the steps below and focus your binding and loosing on whatever is blocking the rain in the evil spirit realm.


Psychic prayers vs spiritual warfare prayers.

Let us take a look at a hypothetical problem, a hurricane. The hurricane is about to hit land. We know that all evil is created and caused by the evil spirits and the occult world. God does not send hurricanes. So here is an average prayer concerning a hurricane:

Lord, we pray for the people in the path of the hurricane, please minister to their needs and please weaken the hurricane send it away from populated areas, in Jesus name.

That is what you might hear in any church on any given Sunday.

This prayer sounds nice, it sounds religious, but it is not really going to put a dent in the problem. This is like bringing feather to cut down a dead tree. People often wonder why their prayers are not effective. It is because they are not adressing the root, the problems that exist in the spirit realm that we can see. For every weed in the garden, there is a root that must be pulled up, or the weed will not be eliminated.

The problems in the world stem from the Satanic evil in the spirit realm. God wants us to attack the enemy and deal with the spiritual side of things, not just say "God, please solve this for us." At the end of the day, he is the only one who can solve the problem, but he requires us to be specific.

The other thing is, we do not know God's will in any given situation. So to ask for a specific outcome is to engage in a psychic prayer, a kind of witchcraft. We should not ask for a certain outcome, we should deal with the spiritual realm through binding demonic powers and loosing angels to attack and defend. From there, we can trust that once the evil is dealt with, God's outcome (which is always the best) will result. Do you know best what God should do? Or do you trust that if the demons are bound, sins are remitted, and curses are broken, that he will move in the situation? This is the answer.
How to effectively pray against natural disasters, human calamity, drought, and all problems on earth
The key to stopping a hurricane or other natural disaster through prayer (fires, floods, etc.) are the same principles to defeating witchcraft spirits, because they are the same.


Spiritual Warfare Prayer Patterns for any Problem:

1) Pinpoint the problem: Is there a problem somewhere in the world?

A natural disaster, weather emergency? Hurricane, Monsoon, Fire?
Civil unrest?

If there is evil, then Satan and dark kingdom are at work. Apply the following strategy to pray effectively.

1) Pinpoint the problem: Is there a problem somewhere in the world?

2) Remit the sins in the area: the land, the air above, all around, everyone there, everyone who has every been there, back to Adam and Eve.

3) Remit the sins of any evil ritual done to power the attack (the problem).

4) Loose angels to clean every satanic witchcraft mark, trap, and portal in the area and the people there

5) Loose angels to block all lines of communication in the evil spirit realm concerning the problem.

6) Loose angels to block all lines of re-inforcement in the evil spirit realm concerning the problem.

7) Loose angels to cut off all traveling routes in the area of the problem, in, through, and around the problem

8) Loose angels to seal off every living entity so that it cannot be used as a staging point for unleasing more evil spirits.

9) Loose the correct heavenly warrior of the Lord to attack the appropriate spiritual enemy. In the case of witchcraft, we need to loose the giant sperm whales of the Lord to attack every spirit of witchcraft, withcraft control, mind control, thought control, mind occult. We should also pray like this: Lord, I loose sufficient amounts of whatever heavenly creature is suited to route and completely destroy the spiritual enemy in this situation. I do not know what they are, but you do. Please send them into battle in Jesus' name.

10) You can also loose spirits of blindness, deafness, dumbness, confusion, judgment, burning, destruction, and civil war into the camp of the enemy that is creating the problem.

How to pray the news and headlines:

You can apply this prayer format to every problem in our modern world. Scan the headlines each day (do not bother to read the stories, the opinion and sensation nature of the news story will not change anything). We read the headlines because we want to know where Satan is deploying his resources in the world today. Then we know how and when and where to pray. This is how we can be effective in our prayers. If we know an important meeting with world leaders is about to take place, then we should pray for their protection from Satan and evil influences, using the same prayer pattern above.

Create a list of things to pray about daily, weekly, and long term.

1) We should pray for the immediate natural disasters around the world (fires, floods, hurricanes).

2) We should pray for civil urest, riots, racial tension and division around the world.

3) We should pray for mid term events, such as upcoming local, national, and worldwide elections and legislation. Satan is trying to destroy countries like the

United States because he knows that as long as they stand, he cannot dominate the world the way he dreams of doing.

4) We should pray before and during the meetings of world leaders.

5) We should pray before and during national live broadcasts, such as political presidential debates.

6) We should pray that evil people who are financing problems in the world be sealed and not be allowed by Satan as pawns for his use.

7) We should pray that the evil spirit powers in non-Christian nations be bound and not allowed to attack the Christian nations.


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